Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stir It Up Mon!

A new True Brewer™ customer recently wrote..........."I was thinking of moving the micro bubble diffuser a little lower in the tank….. any thoughts.  We are getting a fair amount sediment build up at the bottom and want to stir things up as low as possible."

As Bob Marley said "Stir it up"

Excellent suggestion. There is no reason it (aerator) couldn't go down all the way to the bottom. Originally they did and I actually prefer it that way. Going forward, I will make 'em long and the customer can shorten the tubing if they prefer the aerator doesn't block the outlet. It is certainly easier to shorten than it is to make longer. Remember to turn off your air for a minute after you remove your basket and before you pour your initial "cup" of tea. The first pour is heavy. Dump that sediment rich first gallon of tea onto your compost pile or under a bush. Then turn your air back on.